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We have worked with dozens of startups to create a scalable IT infrastructure from scratch.  Without a legacy infrastructure to worry about, we can take advantage of the latest technologies (including thin clients, cloud computing, and virtualization) to give startups a truly forward-looking technology strategy.  We provide complete project management from wiring your building, setting up the phone system, ordering servers and desktops, installing everything, and even training users on how to access the new features of the network.

Small Offices

Our smaller clients tend to have smaller budgets, but they still need reliable IT systems that empower their employees to work as efficiently as possible.  Our roots are in serving small offices, so we have the experience to make recommendations appropriate for smaller offices.  We aren’t afraid to recommend a mixture of cloud-based services alongside traditional client-server applications.

Medium-sized Offices

Our larger clients need dedicated resources to meet their complicated IT needs. We take the time to learn your business so we can truly function with the same inside knowledge as an internal IT department.  For clients that have an internal IT staff, we work closely with the existing staff to augment their capabilities. We provide 24×7 monitoring, Tier-2 support, and as-needed assistance with important IT projects. Our monitoring infrastructure and “best practice” approach make us a valuable member of the IT department.

Non-Profit Organizations

We work with dozens of non-profit organizations so we know how they differ from our for-profit clients.  Non-profits are driven to reduce overheard and put as much of their budget towards programming as possible.  We work with organizations like TechSoup to acquire software at a deep discount, and we take advantage of open source software wherever possible to keep costs down.