Ransomware Attacks On Schools Rising

This Thanksgiving, Baltimore students woke up to discover they had a few extra days off when a ransomware attack hit the Baltimore Public School District. What’s more, according to Emsisoft’s report, ransomware attacks on schools grew overall during the third

Managed IT Support for Education

The delivery of education during the COVID-19 Pandemic underwent a transformation for schools and colleges everywhere. Besides, it was the catalyst behind the rapid move to digital classrooms. It made it clear that IT teams must be equipped to face

DISM vs SFC: What should I run first on Windows 10?

Should I run SFC or DISM first to repair file or system image corruptions on my Windows 10 computer? Most websites suggest you running one or both of these tools. When should you run each or both? This post tries to explain. The System File

How to Disable/Turn Off Notification Area in Windows Taskbar

It is much easier than you think to disable and turn off notification area (system tray} to hide icons in Windows 10/8/7 taskbar. Most programs put an icon in the system tray or notification area, located at the far right