Managed IT Support for Education

The delivery of education during the COVID-19 Pandemic underwent a transformation for schools and colleges everywhere. Besides, it was the catalyst behind the rapid move to digital classrooms. It made it clear that IT teams must be equipped to face the new challenges in supporting educators and students.

According to Checkpoint Research, cyberattacks since the beginning of the new school year show a significant increase. Following the Zoom privacy issues from last year, it brings unknown remote learning risks. Besides, with the rising amount of time your pupils are spending online, these risks increase.

Advantages of Managed IT Support for Education

Did you know most businesses find that managed information technology support costs less than keeping on-premise IT staff? What’s more, most of your technology work is done remotely, and that includes support and routine requests. Besides, using a managed IT solution keeps your internal team focused on priority projects.

As the world continues to embrace digital education and innovations, IT support’s importance for schools and colleges is also on the rise. 

IT Upgrades and Maintenance Are Kept Updated

Upgrades and maintenance to systems are critical to keeping malware from getting into your school network. The perfect solution to keep them up-to-day is implementing managed IT for schools. What’s more, by implementing a managed IT solution for your school, you ensure your servers will remain secure, and disaster recovery is on hand if you need it.

Managed IT support keeps your systems monitored around the clock, continually checking on every connected device around the clock with scans in the thousands completed weekly, and this includes endpoints.

When issues do arise, your IT support technologists are notified and assigned automatically. Your IT provider works to minimize disruptions while implementing actions to remediate and solve the problem. The beauty is you’ll receive schedule system reports that keep you informed on the status of your school’s IT infrastructure.

Keep Up Ed Tech Developments

Keeping up with new developments in Educational Technology can be a challenge for an on-premise IT team. Your IT partner will be ready with specialists who will handle any issues that arise.

Digital Classroom Resources Are Always Accessible

This year we saw an instant move to digital classrooms, making technology more integrated into education now more than ever before. Managed IT support for schools is the best method of keeping digital classrooms accessible. Besides, it ensures that cloud services, documents, teaching powerpoint presentations, and managed print services are consistently reachable. 

Increased Security for Your IT Infrastructure

Cybersecurity has become increasingly vital for schools and colleges. Cybercriminals target educational institutions and many other industries. Keeping data, the personally identifiable information of students and staff, and research stored without the right amount of maintenance and security, means this data is vulnerable to cyber incidents.

IT support services assure vulnerability testing and regular audits are carried out. What’s more, your firewalls, anti-malware, anti-virus software, and other cybersecurity technology are also kept up to date.

IT Support and Services in Schools and Colleges

Many of the services provided to schools and colleges from firms like Versa are referred to as “Managed Services.” We find that by working with your school or college’s existing IT staff directly, we can maximize your hardware and software’s educational value. 

Here are some of the services we can implement for your school or college:

Help Desk Services

Wherever they may be at the time, students and teachers require assistance in their new virtual learning environment, whether in their home or anywhere else in the world. Help Desk includes services that give end-user support such as password resets, basic application questions, and other less complex issues. 

What’s more, help desk services directly manage technical problems from teachers, students, and other end-users. 

  • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring
    • Network system devices such as switches/routers and servers
    • Endpoints such as desktops, laptops, and tablets that check on updates to operating systems  and antivirus software

Besides, managed IT services monitor and oversee your network’s performance for essential things such as the utilization of your disk space and server CPU.

Tech Support Services

Help Desk services can be essential for the daily student, teacher, and end-client support issues. Still, Tech Support is needed for more complicated and challenging problems, server system crashes and network outages are excellent examples. Establishing an in-house tech support desk can require extensive financial resources, which is why many schools and colleges prefer to outsource to a managed service provider. 

Service Management

Versa manages support tickets using service response times and levels developed using workflows defined by your IT department. We also assist you in developing security policies designed to keep students from accessing specific types of content, which will reduce your vulnerability to potential viruses.

Let us help to keep your school and college’s technology functioning smoothly:

  • Instructors, Teachers, and Professors
  • Pupils
  • Employees

You can get peace of mind with an IT support partner that will protect your school and manage your IT services. 

Peace of Mind From IT Support for Education

You can relax when you have expert advice from Versa even while the educational IT sector is undergoing continual changes knowing you have the additional remote and hybrid learning support you need. 

We offer the best IT expertise and responsive customer service. Our customers are our first priority and are at the center of everything we do. 

IT Support for Education from Versa

Versa works closely with your school to provide an all-inclusive service. We include unlimited customer support in the fee that ensures we have a strong incentive to select partners that help us provide your school and college reliable and user-friendly technology. 

If you’re still not certain, that’s ok. Our staff members are waiting with the answers you need. Contact us today to learn more about our managed IT support services for schools and colleges.