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Windows 8 has arrived

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windows 8

Windows 8 was officially released at midnight and is bringing some of the largest changes we have seen to the operating system since Windows 95 . Whether these changes are seen as a positive or negative has yet to be determined. Versa has played around with the beta releases and so far we only have positives to report. We’ll be doing a full review with all the gritty details in the coming weeks so keep checking back for updates.

One of the major changes is a consolidation of operating systems so that Windows 8 can be used on PCs, tablets, and even smartphones. There is also heavy focus on integration of online services and sharing of your applications/data across multiple devices. The user interface has been overhauled to try and simplify tasks into large “tiles”,  though this feature can be closed to find your familiar looking desktop. One of the other big changes is the removal of the start button in the lower left hand corner, but don’t worry as there are 3rd party tools that bring the start button back!

For the average home user who likes to check email, browse the web, and use Facebook it  is safe to upgrade or to purchase a new PC with Windows 8 preinstalled. For a small business or anyone that relies on their PC heavily for work, we would recommend holding off on making the upgrade until some of the kinks are worked out. Going with the trend, all new operating systems including Apple’s Mac OS X have bugs to be found and squashed. Also, not all of your software may be compatible until the vendor releases an update. If you’re running Windows 7, we would advise to stand pat as this has proven to be a reliable and stable operating system for businesses. If you are one of the dwindling numbers using Windows XP and are due for a new PC we would advise consulting with your IT support or systems administrator before making any leaps to Windows 8. Additionally, if you are looking for or in need of IT support, please contact Versa as we are currently taking on new clients.