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Why Businesses Should Invest in IT Support

Author , Posted In Posted in: IT Consulting, Managed IT Services

One of the hardest things for business owners or the person responsible for the company’s IT support is finding justification for spending money on IT in general. They often don’t realize the value of investing in the IT infrastructure or paying a managed IT services company who can provide a professional and immediate response. Instead, the misguided thought is to cut IT costs, don’t buy necessary equipment or buy the cheapest equipment possible and never do server / computer maintenance to keep the company network operating smoothly and securely. This goes even further by examining that employees lose their inherent value or productivity because the computers are old and slow, often crash, get viruses, and face unexpected downtime. To those business managers who think cutting IT expenses at every turn is the answer to a profitable and long lasting business, then (sarcastically) I have your solution!

Buy one of these:

And a few of these:

You should also check to see if the typewriter that’s under those boxes of last year’s invoices in the back of the storage closet still works, just in case you need to send a formal letter or fill out a government form.

Before you judge my perfect solution, take a moment and think about how you view the computers in your office and write down the functions they provide. Now, look at that list and if all of those functions can be accomplished with a Rolodex and a few legal pads, it’s obvious that your computers are an unnecessary expense. Getting rid of them would certainly eliminate some of your daily frustrations and you’d never have to hire an IT company ever again.

On the other hand if you had just one item on your list of functions that could not be done by these two wonders of the world, such as “pop-up an alert and ring a chime to remind me of my 3:00pm meeting each Tuesday”, then you may want to reconsider how you view IT expenditures. Because that little pop-up alert is just the tip of the ROI iceberg. Computers provide businesses with a MEASURABLE RETURN ON INVESTMENT and the problem that most people have is actually taking a few moments to decide what to measure. Once you do start measuring the return generated from your IT investment, you will also start finding new ways to optimize and improve your results. The moral of the story is that investing in IT infrastructure and a reputable IT support company will go a long way to making the business and its employees more productive and efficient, thus making the company more profitable in the long term.