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To host or not to host Exchange email

Author , Posted In Posted in: Microsoft

Moving services to the “cloud” has become a major buzzword in IT over the last year. Email or in this specific case, Exchange, is the latest major service gaining more and more cloud traction. Well I am here to provide you with the pros and cons of moving your Exchange email from a local server to the cloud.

As like anything else out there, there are positives and negatives. First off, let’s talk about the positives as that list is longer. With a hosted solution, you do not have to worry about purchasing, managing, or up keeping a physical server. The price to purchase a server is not cheap, and hiring someone to manage it can also stretch a budget. With hosted exchange, you are only responsible for paying for what you use. There is a flat fee per user that is a monthly reoccurrence or in some cases can be cheaper if purchased a year in advance.

Another benefit goes a long with that. If you have hosted exchange, the company that it is provided through provides support either on a contract or fee based offering. This means that if you do not have an IT guy, you will not have to get one.

A third benefit is the uptime guarantee that they provide. With it being hosted, you will not have to worry about your email server going down. The companies offering hosted exchange rarely have downtime and if they do, it is for a brief time for maintenance. Also, you mail is readily available as you will have an online portal that every user can sign in to if they are not on a computer where their outlook is configured.

Finally, a pro of hosted exchange is the security. Having databases directly responsible for hosting millions of customers email, you know that the security has to be top notch. That alone gives a piece of mind that your information will not get compromised.

Now let’s move on to the negatives. Honestly, the only negative that I have come across, is the outsourcing. When a product like this is utilized, the people doing the support for it are usually outsourced. What does this mean exactly? Well your call may be outed to another country such as India and IT professionals are let go since it is more expensive to have someone working directly for you. Having a personal IT pro on staff or under contract will offer greater insight to your company and greater assistance, but at a more expensive price. We often hear stories of how bad outsourced support is or can be, so choose wisely. If you have the budget, definitely keep your IT professional on contract. Good IT people are hard to find. Bad ones are in abundance.

That all being said, hosted exchange is a great option for the technology age these days. If you have any questions or you feel that hosted exchange may be an option for you and your company, please contact Versa at (858) 427-4832 for a free consultation.