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Backup Your Data to the Cloud

Versa’s online backup services include applications for automatic scheduling of backups with compression, encryption, incremental/full backups, versioning, open file support for Outlook, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Oracle Server, MS SharePoint Server and more. Also supports Mac and Linux operating systems.

Versa guarantees superior performance, often at costs 30% less when compared to the competition. We handle the installation, the monitoring and all of the management.

General Features

  • Setup and Manage Multiple Computer backups using a single account.
  • Incremental and compressed backups that greatly reduce the network bandwidth usage by transferring only the modified portions of a file.
  • Data is transferred and stored using 256-bit AES encryption with a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers. This ensures data is safe and secure.
  • Provision to regulate Internet bandwidth usage with the Bandwidth Throttle feature.¬†Supports Open file Backup for most common application data types.
  • MS SQL Server database backup without stopping the database services.
  • MS Exchange Server database and Mailbox backup without interrupting the running MS Exchange Server services.
  • Oracle Server database backup without stopping the Oracle Server database services.
  • MS SharePoint Server granular backup and restore without stopping services.