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How to backup Windows 7 drivers

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Windows drivers are essential software that allow the hardware to function as desired for a given computer, and it is always a very good idea to back them up. It can be a real hassle to try to reinstall or repair Windows, only to find that a driver is missing or corrupt. Many PC manufacturers have their own drivers for crucial hardware and Windows generic drivers often won’t work.

In Windows 7 all the drivers are in a few subfolders located in the system folder %SystemRoot%\System32\. Two standard  protected subfolders  are called “DriverStore” and “drivers”.  Often there is also a third subfolder  “DrvStore”. These folders can be copied to a external hard drive (your standard thumb drive is a great option), cd or some other type of media.

Also, you should back up the folder %systemroot%\inf\. This folder contains the driver setup information files. This folder is sometimes overlooked but drivers cannot be installed without the information it contains.

This is very handy to keep backed up due to there may be a time when your drivers become corrupt and the manufacture no longer provides them, or in some cases it could be a network driver that could have become corrupt and, there may not be access to the internet to receive new drivers.

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