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Ransomware: What it is, why you should care, what you can do to protect against it

Author Author: , Posted In Posted in: Data Backup, Managed IT Services, Tech News, Tips and Tricks

Ransomware’s been in the news lately because criminals have been holding the computers and data of major institutions hostage, like hospitals and universities. These attacks have forced some victims to stop using their computers entirely. Other victims have given up …

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Google stops offering Google Apps for free

Author Author: , Posted In Posted in: IT Consulting, Tech News

Google has announced a significant decision that ceases new signups for its Google Apps service free of charge. Existing users already enrolled in the free service will be able to continue using the service as expected until they either reach …

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Windows 8 has arrived

Author Author: , Posted In Posted in: Microsoft, Tech News

Windows 8 was officially released at midnight and is bringing some of the largest changes we have seen to the operating system since Windows 95 . Whether these changes are seen as a positive or negative has yet to be …

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New Drobo has Thunderbolt and USB 3

Author Author: , Posted In Posted in: Apple, Tech News

Drobo on Thursday announced a new form factor for its backup storage array, and for the first time you can carry this one around. It also announced the Drobo 5D array, with up to 20TB capacity and six times the …

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