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Team-based Support

A cornerstone of our approach is that we assign a small team of consultants to your network. Currently teams are comprised of 3-4 consultants. The teams are small enough to allow us to develop in-depth knowledge of your network, people, and business. When you call for support you know the consultant on the other end of the phone and they know you.

Responsive Service

We are nothing if not responsive. We know how frustrating it can be to have an urgent problem and not be able to reach someone for assistance. Even if we are busy with other issues we will at least make contact with the user as quickly as possible (often within a few minutes) to determine an acceptable timeframe for resolution.  We are also careful to avoid stretching ourselves too thin; our top priority is keeping service levels high.

Flat-fee Pricing

We believe strongly in flat-fee, all-inclusive pricing rather than hourly pricing. With flat-fee pricing our interests are aligned with yours–we both have an incentive to invest the time and resources to create the most stable computing environment possible. Our flat fee pricing model includes unlimited support for maintenance and monitoring of your existing infrastructure, including emergency and after hours support.

Proactive Monitoring

Most network outages can be prevented if the network is being carefully watched. Our software monitors event logs and system performance characteristics 24×7 and immediately notifies us if anything is out of the ordinary—often before the issue causes a work disruption. For any monitoring activities which cannot be automated we schedule recurring manual checks in our trouble ticket software to ensure follow up.

Remote Support

Part of our standard setup involves installing remote support software on every server, desktop, and laptop. This allows us to connect to remote computers less than a minute after receiving a support request and either watch what users are doing or take remote control to fix an issue—no matter where the user is.


In order to successfully share knowledge among our team members we rely on excellent network documentation. We fully document the network configuration, IT issues, network passwords, etc. and give you full ownership of that documentation which ensures that you will never be held hostage by a lack of knowledge about your own network.